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  •        Yicheng Technology Co.,Ltd Is a private enterprises. As one of the largest RFID cards manufacture in china , we devoted ourselves to the development of  Hi-Technological and intelligent products, and we specialize in manufacturing contactless smart cards and the  readers terminal. The company has an experienced sales and after sales service team .
           Our Factory has over 700 employees and a production area of 32,000 square meters. The product output is more than 60,000,000pcs of cards per year, and more than 100,000 units reader, writer and module, The read only at 125KHz mainly use the wafer from EM and ATMEL. The 13.56MHz are MF1S50, MF1S70, MFDesfire from Philips, Ti-tag-it2048 from Ti Instrument , SR176, SR1x4K from ST company, 2K, 16K from INSIDE. The UHF/915Mhz are main as U-code/HSL, EPC G2.,Alien etc. We also have the advanced printing machine HP-2000, Heidelburg offset printing machine,,muhlbauer machine for contact chip card and personalization card making machines etc. Clamshell card, ISO card, Business small card, Special size card, Key chain card, Token, Inlay, COB/MOA2 module, Antenna, Smart label, Paper card, Smart ticket, Single Journey Ticket, Animal tag, Metal Tag…
           Our Card Products include all kinds of cards available, 
           1. Common Card: Plastic card, pvc card, paper card, barcode card, magnetic strip card, scratch card, membership card, loyalty card, VIP card, key card, identification card, golden name card, metal card, prepaid card etc.
           2.RFID card:125KHz, 13.56Mhz or 915Mhz  (ISO14443 or ISO15693 or ISO18000 or ISO EPC), requires no battery, such as: EM4100 /TK4100/Temic5557 / mifare S50 /S70 /Ultralight / Hi tag 1、2、S / I-code 1、2、SLI/FM11RF08 /Ti2048/ Ti256 /Legic256 /Inside 2k、16K /U-code HSL/U-code EPC G2 
           3.RIFD tag: RFID token, RFID keyfob, RFID Disc tag,Laudry tag, Metal tag, Nail tag, Animal tag,etc.
           4. RIFD label , inlay and prelarm
           5. Contact chip card such as SLE5542,SLE5528,FM4442,FM4428,AT24C02,AT24C16,AT24C64,ISSI24C02,
    ISSI24C16,ISSI24C64 etc
           Our Reader products include magnetic card reader/writer, contact chip card reader/ writer,RFID card such as 125KHz, 13.56Mhz or 915Mhz reading and writing module, readers, writers, long-range readers. Main type include RS232/RS485/Syris485/USB/TCP-IP/Ps2/WG26 /WG34 /WG42 /ABA/ABA2.
           Our advantage
           l The most variety and huge output

           l The excellent quality,

           l The competitive price,

           l Quick delivery, 

           l ODM and OEM specially products according to customer’s demand.

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