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     Bar code card(Bar Card), it records information by bar code which consists of a set of bar, blank and symbol arranged in rule. The common symbol of bar code consists of black bar and white blank, when the light shines bar code symbol, black bars and white empty produce a strong contrast ratio, thus to read information by using different reflectance.

         Bar code card is ranged into one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code . One-dimensional is relatively common in the packaging bar code of daily commodities, its storage is small and just store one code, and needs transfer data from computer when using this code. Two-dimensional code is developed in recent years, it stores more information in the limited space, including text, images, fingerprints, signatures etc., which is available to use without computer.

         It is simple and easy to be printed or copied accordingly the requirements in lower cost, but the reading device (especially for two-dimensional code reading device)is expensive. The information in bar code card can not be rewritten comparing with magnetic card and IC card, in addition, poor safety performance and no agreed standards limits its application.

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