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    1. Description:

         It’s a small area presswork which is made from chrome paper, PVC, PET, because the numeric and letter password on card is covered by paint-coat, it also calls password coated card, account card or billing password card. There are many variously of scratching card, it widely used as scratch-and-win card, stripping card, rechargeable card, password card, coupons and loyalty card etc.

    2. Scratching card technics

    (1). It can be designed based on customer’s layout of material, also supports customized design draft.

    (2). The thickness is from 0.30mm to 0.76mm, or other requested by customer.

    (3). The standard size is 85.5mm X 54mm with round-corner, other dimensions is also available.

    (4). It can be printed one side or double sides by using silkscreen or offset printing (CMYK four-color printing).

    (5). It supports to print different number, PIN code or text on each card.

    (6). It’s optional to add manual signature panel.

    (7). It’s optional for adding low or high security magnetic stripe (three-track magnetic stripe).

    (8). It supports print convex code with silver or gold stamping.

    (9). It supports to punch round hole or strip-shaped holes on card.

    (10). It can be printed scratch code(generally used as rechargeable card /Phone Card / lottery card etc.).

    (11). Its supports to be printed all types of bar codes.

    (12). The card number can be in sequence number, or individual number without rule.

    (13). It’s optional for appearance shape in square, round or any other irregular shapes.

    (14). The background color also supports imitation golden or silvery.

    (15). It’s available for golden or silver plating on card.

    3. Applications:

         It’s widely used in telecommunications, IT, catering, supermarkets and education. Especially for telephone cards, the special nature of the industry makes it to be a securities , so the requirements to manufacture is higher than other industries in materials, printing, password coating and design etc., it calls billing phone password card in telecom industry, In other industries, it refers to game card, network card, lottery card and learning card.

         The lottery card is widely used as a means of sales promotion for increasing sales, and effect is good. This globally popular marketing has gradually been popularized nation-wide, which using scratching card to promote products and service.

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