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    Metal card contains gold card, silver card, metal membership card, metal VIP, metal buddha card, metal magnetic stripe card, metal bar code card , metal stamp-pad ink card, metal IC card, 18k gold card, 24k gold card and so on. It adopts precious metal, 18K gold and 24K gold for surface processing.

         Process: It is made of brass by adopting advanced electrophoresis technology and polishing, eching, plating, colour filling, epoxy, packaging process.

         Name: metal card, gold card, silver card.

         Definition: it’s also known as metal VIP card, metal electrophoresis card. This series of metal card is used advanced imported copper by the processing of line cutting patternmaking, punching, etching, printing, polishing, plating, coloring fill, packaging.

         Specifications: There are three types: 85mmX54mm, 80mmX50mm, 76mmX44mm, or customer requested size and shape.

         Thickness: it’s 0.35mm in general, also can be 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm and so on.

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